3 Canadian players the Toronto Raptors could go after this summer

The Raptors already have a standout Canadian in RJ Barrett, but adding one of these three names would bolster the Canadian pride on their roster.
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No. 3: Trey Lyles

If you’re a die-hard Raptors fan, you probably remember that one random game in the 2022 season against the Pistons where Trey Lyles popped off from out of nowhere to put Toronto away decisively. A native of Saskatoon, Lyles was part of a stacked Kentucky Wildcats squad in 2014-15, where his collegiate cast included future All-Stars Karl Anthony-Towns and Devin Booker.

Trey Lyles
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The 6-foot-9 big was a lottery selection, where the Utah Jazz picked up Lyles with the 12th overall pick in the 2015 NBA Draft. Lyles has since bounced around the league, serving as a solid backup forward in his nearly 10-year career in the NBA. He’s never been a rotation piece to receive more than 20 minutes, as his career average hovers more toward the cusp of that mark (18.3mpg).

You know what you’re getting with Trey Lyles if you’re a team throwing him a contract offer, and more often than not, Lyles is more than serviceable for his price tag. Lyles has only been offered contracts for around the mid-level exception or just above it, and he will still go out there to do what he can to help the team out. You don’t have to worry about Trey Lyles taking too many shots. He goes out there, can shoot the three-ball at a decent enough clip, grabs a solid amount of rebounds, and occasionally makes the most of his huge wingspan (nearly 7-foot-4).

Trey Lyles shouldn't be a difficult name to acquire from his current home in Sacramento, especially with his cost-efficient two-year deal worth $16 million signed the 2023 offseason. For a Toronto team lacking in some size, it could be worth a shot for the front office to take a swing on the 28-year-old journeyman and see what he could bring to the table. He won't be a needle mover per se, but there's definitely a world where Trey Lyles can find a consistent role in the Raptors rotation. I mean, he hasn't fizzled out of the league this far out for a reason. Lyles is not too shabby at all.