3 Early Predictions for the Toronto Raptors at the NBA Trade Deadline

Will the Raptors start wheeling and dealing?
Toronto Raptors Media Day
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1. The Pascal Siakam trade haul keeps the Raptors competitive.

Trading Siakam is not the end of the season for the Raptors, especially if their belief in Barnes turns out to be validated. Instead of leaning on a handful of players to carry the load, a more balanced attack might be able to get this offense to perform at peak efficiency.

Rajakovic's ideal offense seems to fall in line with those principles, as he has stressed passing the ball so much that Toronto finds themselves in the top five in the NBA in assists per game. Gone are the days of eight-man rotations and relying on individual greatness every single night.

A Pascal Siakam trade could help the Toronto Raptors.

Swapping in a quality player like De'Andre Hunter or Keegan Murray (to play along with the Atlanta and Sacramento rumors) would keep the starting lineup mostly intact, while underperforming rotation players like Chris Boucher and Malachi Flynn could be either jettisoned or removed from action.

While the Raptors have assuredly found and developed some very good players in the last few years, it is becoming increasingly clear that the puzzle pieces just aren't interlocking in the way the front office thought they would. Swapping out Siakam for a fresh coat of paint might be all Toronto needs to start thriving.