3 first-round picks Raptors must target if they get their lottery pick back

The Raptors could get their pick back with some luck.
Toronto Raptors Media Day
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1. Isaiah Collier, PG, USC

With two of the G League Ignite prospects in Ron Holland and Matas Buzelus not exactly locking down the No. 1 pick, Collier could theoretically be taken with the top draft choice by any team who needs a long-term answer at point guard. Bronny James steals the show, but Collier makes the Trojans go.

Collier is everything one could hope for as an offensive ball-handler, as he can attack the rim with ferocity, shoot well, and create for others. With good size and freaky speed with the ball, Collier's ceiling is as high as just about any guard prospect in the last two classes.

Isaiah Collier could be a star for the Toronto Raptors.

Not only is Collier's defense below average, but there are some questions about his effort on that end. While he profiles as someone who could evolve into a solid shooter, his 30% success rate to start his college career shows that he will likely enter the league below average in this area.

Collier is the type of player every GM would throw a close family friend in front of a bus for the opportunity to draft, even if you are a team like Toronto that has a ball-centric star like Barnes. Collier has some flaws, but it would be a sin to see him on the board and pass if you are Ujiri.