3 Improvements Raptors must make to get back to the playoffs

Toronto has not played like a playoff team so far.
Detroit Pistons v Toronto Raptors
Detroit Pistons v Toronto Raptors / Cole Burston/GettyImages
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2. Cut down on turnovers

The Raptors might be passing the ball more than they did last year, but one of the unintended consequences of this increased ball movement is more turnovers. The Raptors were uniquely adept at avoiding them under Nick Nurse, but the luck seems to have run out now that Rajakovic’s system is in town.

Toronto exited Tuesday’s game ranked fourth in the NBA in assists per game, yet 23rd in turnovers. Some of those turnovers have come at backbreaking moments, be it late in the game or early in contests as a way of knee-capping any shot Toronto may have had at getting off to a fast start.

The Toronto Raptors must stop turning the ball over.

Siakam and Barnes averaging 2.6 turnovers per game with how often they have the ball in their hands isn’t too alarming. However, reserves like Precious Achiuwa, Malachi Flynn, and the uneven Gradey Dick all averaging one turnover per game is unacceptable.

The Raptors have gone down by at least 16 points in seven of their last nine games, needing insane comebacks to win some of them. The best way to avoid getting dug in such a deep hole early in games like that is to control the tempo of the game and not give your opponent a bunch of free, easy makes.