3 Improvements Raptors must make to get back to the playoffs

Toronto has not played like a playoff team so far.
Detroit Pistons v Toronto Raptors
Detroit Pistons v Toronto Raptors / Cole Burston/GettyImages
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1. Figure out a reliable bench rotation

Rajakovic isn’t exactly working with a ton in this collection of reserves, as the Raptors need to throw out multiple uncreative power forwards in Achiuwa and Chris Boucher while continuing to lean on inadequate players like Flynn for what are becoming increasingly important roles.

Tuesday’s loss to the Orlando Magic encapsulated the problem with the Raptors. Outside of Gary Trent Jr. (who has been a huge disappointment this season), would any of Toronto’s bench players get in the Magic’s rotation? Ujiri is running out of time to find a solution beyond simply messing with the minutes alignment.

The Toronto Raptors need a better bench.

Could a trade of Pascal Siakam or OG Anunoby be coming? This is the only way to repair this lackluster unit on the fly in a substantial manner. It might force Toronto to recalibrate their short-term expectations, but going on with the current situation is simply not tenable for anyone. 

Ujiri is now going on his fourth consecutive season where the bench has been an abject mess and the starters are suffering because of it. A more proactive executive would have plugged these holes by now, but Ujiri doesn't seem too interested.