3 Kings players Raptors must target in Pascal Siakam trade talks

The Raptors need to get a haul back from Sacramento.
Toronto Raptors v Sacramento Kings
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The Toronto Raptors appear to be moving closer to some sort of big trade as the losses start to pile up. Pascal Siakam has been coming up the most as rumors start to swirl, as he is both an impending free agent and the most logical move if the Raptors want to get adequate value that can be used to build a team.

The biggest three teams who remain connected to a Pascal move are the Atlanta Hawks (who just beat Siakam on Friday), Indiana Pacers, and Sacramento Kings. Of those three, Sacramento received some extra steam after some rumors relating to Toronto's pursuit of Keegan Murray.

Masai Ujiri would be very proactive in targeting Sacramento as a potential Siakam spot, as they want to make another big move that can take their offense to the next level. If they want Siakam, however, Monte McNair will have to give up some very important pieces to entice the Raptors.

The Raptors need to insist on acquiring these three Kings players in Siakam talks. While they might not be able to pull off the hat trick and land all of them, Toronto needs to ensure they can build a proper NBA rotation with the return they get from any Pascal move.

3 Kings players the Toronto Raptors must acquire in Pascal Siakam trade talks.

3. PG Davion Mitchell

Mitchell seems like a player Toronto would have loved if they didn't have the basketball deities smile upon them as they moved up to take Scottie Barnes. His strength is pesky on-ball defense, which was his main ticket to a lottery selection despite being an undersized upperclassman at the point guard spot.

Mitchell has fallen out of the rotation in Sacramento, likely because he never became the offensive weapon the Kings expected him to be. However, due to the fact his development was stunted behind De'Aaron Fox, there's hope that a change of scenery could help fix him.

The Toronto Raptors need to trade for Davion Mitchell.

Dennis Schroder has been solid, but any team with him as their best guard is simply asking for disaster. Malachi Flynn is better than he was under Nick Nurse, but he's not good enough to have warranted unbridled confidence in his ability to be the backup point guard.

Mitchell is still a solid defender, but he needs someone to believe in his offensive ability and work with him. Ujiri has a habit of rolling the dice on former top picks, and Mitchell will likely not be the type of player Sacramento becomes oddly defensive of should he be brought up in negotiations.