3 most likely Toronto Raptors (not named OG Anunoby) to be traded

The Raptors may move some big names.
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The Toronto Raptors are speeding towards an inevitable trade at some point in the next few weeks, as a core led by players like Pascal Siakam and OG Anunoby is starting to hit its ceiling. With free agency looking, the situation just does not seem tenable.

The Raptors have one tremendous star in Scottie Barnes, and his play this year could give them enough hope to believe he can be a top scoring option for the next decade. Barnes might need more young shooters around him before his style of play can really take off under Darko Rajakovic

It seems less likely that Anunoby gets moved. On top of the fact one of his top suitors seems to have faded away due to Toronto's demands, his value to the team is quite obvious. Even if he sticks around, it seems complicated to imagine a future in which Masai Ujiri sits on his hands once again at the trade deadline.

The Raptors could have a productive Anunoby trade-less deadline; one that involves some big moves that recoup young assets who can improve the team's rotation and future draft picks that make the future a bit less bleak. However, to further that end, these three players may need to look for new apartments.

3 Toronto Raptors not named OG Anunoby who could be traded.

3. PF Chris Boucher

The Raptors have a surplus of power forwards, so much so that Jalen McDaniels and Otto Porter Jr. find themselves on the outside looking in following offseason votes of confidence. Boucher getting moved might be for the dual purposes of salary matching in a bigger deal and to remove the blockage of big men on the bench.

Boucher's 6.4 points per game this season is the lowest mark he has had since he became a regular rotation presence in Toronto. With his field goal percentage and rebounding declining as well, The Raptors can't dangle Boucher and sell him as a player who is a no-doubt lock to be a contributor in a rotation.

The Toronto Raptors could end up trading Chris Boucher.

Boucher could be salary matching in a bigger deal, but it still isn't too ridiculous to hope that some team will view him as a quality player who needs a change of scenery. There have been games this year (albeit few and far between) where the Boucher of old has come out and saved the Raptors.

Boucher has been mentioned as a trade target before, and Masai Ujiri is always going to be stubborn when it comes to moving off players he added and developed. If he finally relents on that mindset, Boucher might end up finally getting moved away from the only NBA home he has ever known.