3 most likely Toronto Raptors (not named OG Anunoby) to be traded

The Raptors may move some big names.
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2. SF Otto Porter Jr.

In the last few weeks, Porter's status in the rotation has vacillated between a mortal lock and an afterthought. Just a few weeks after Rajakovic said Porter is not going to leave the rotation barring injury, OPJ has played just 40 minutes since November 21.

Porter's main value at this point in his career might, unfortunately, be as a salary matching chip. The Raptors seemingly have no use for him, and any collection of players they pick up in a bigger trade will likely be good enough to immediately boot the free agent bust out of the picture.

Otto Porter Jr. could be traded away from the Toronto Raptors.

Porter could have value as a 3-point shooter if a team is willing to put up with his tenuous injury history and declining play over the years. Even in his compromised state, he has been able to hold his own on the defensive side, provided he is in a very specific role.

Porter's fall from grace, almost all of which is due to bad injury luck, has been tough to see. Even Rajakovic is starting to lose interest. However, as the Warriors showed when they won a championship with him, he can be a very effective player if a championship team puts him in a good spot.