3 most likely Toronto Raptors (not named OG Anunoby) to be traded

The Raptors may move some big names.
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1. PF Pascal Siakam

Anunoby might be tougher for the Raptors to trade, but Siakam might be a name who could be on the move as Toronto looks to jump-start a new era of basketball built almost entirely around Barnes. In terms of pure value, Siakam will almost assuredly net more in any sort of complicated deal.

Siakam will have a robust market, as teams like the Hawks and Pacers still have a degree of interest in breaking the bank to acquire the former All-NBA forward. Ujiri can't use the excuse of a slow-developing market to hold onto someone who will require a very expensive contract in the offseason.

The Toronto Raptors may trade Pascal Siakam.

Siakam's numbers are down across the board under Rajakovic, but this can be explained as the product of Scottie Barnes gradually taking more responsibility on the offensive end. When needed, the Raptors gave Siakam the ball and got out of his way down the stretch.

His combination of excellence on the offensive end, versatility on the defensive side, and championship experience will be enough to get most contenders in the league excited about the possibility of adding him, irrespective of the cost that Ujiri will likely ask from those who want him.