3 players Raptors must prioritize if they trade Pascal Siakam and start rebuilding

The Raptors might need to move Siakam to improve the roster.
Atlanta Hawks v Toronto Raptors
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2. Buddy Hield, Indiana Pacers

The Pacers already have the league's most high-octane offense, as Tyrese Haliburton's emerging into an All-NBA threat has unlocked their potential. Adding Siakam would take this team over the top, but it would cost them a player like Hield in exchange.

While the Raptors have tried and failed to both turn fringe shooters into great ones (Jalen McDaniels) and throw young players into the rotation (current G League player Gradey Dick), the best course of action might be to get someone who has been a proven excellent shooter for years.

Buddy Hield could help the Toronto Raptors.

Hield is making just under 40% of his 3-pointers this season, and he's drained at least 39% of his 3-pointers in the NBA in every year except for one with some ridiculously high volume. This Raptors team getting Hield would be the equivalent of a drink of cold water to someone stranded in the Sahara for a week.

Hield is going to be 31 years old soon and brings nothing to the table defensively, making his status as the headliner in a Siakam deal a bit puzzling. However, with how bad the need for shooting has become, Toronto may have no choice but to forge ahead with this trade.