3 Raptors set for enhanced roles once Pascal Siakam trade is finalized

A Siakam trade could change the Raptors' whole operation.
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The Toronto Raptors are closer to officially finalizing a Pascal Siakam trade than ever before. Social media was set ablaze last night, as a semi-concrete offer on the table emerged that may set the Raptors up well for life after Siakam and their new era under Scottie Barnes.

Shams Charania of The Athletic reported that Toronto and the Indiana Pacers are engaged in a deal that would send Siakam away. While few names have been finalized, Charania mentioned that salary filler and three first-round draft picks will be coming to Toronto along with veteran stopper Bruce Brown.

The Raptors' are on the brink of starting a new era of basketball with Barnes and others stepping to replace the old guard. With Siakam's future in Toronto all but shut down for good, the time to look forward to what may be some very green pastures up ahead is now.

Still, Toronto has half a season to finish out right now, and the always competitive Masai Ujiri is likely not going to give up on a play-in spot that easily. As Darko Rajakovic's wild rookie season as a coach continues on, these three players need to be prepared for some enhanced roles coming their way.

3 Toronto Raptors who would have enhanced roles after Pascal Siakam trade.

3. PF Chris Boucher

The Raptors may have gone from having too many power forwards to not enough. As Precious Achiuwa and Siakam fade away, Boucher is the ultimate survivor. He is both the final vestige of the championship team still on the roster and one of the few remaining viable big men on the Raptors' new-look roster.

Boucher is not leaving the rotation anytime soon, and the uncertain nature of the Raptors' return in this trade package means that he will likely be tasked to make up for a lot in Toronto's suddenly barren frontcourt. His play has been mixed this year, but he's had some nice stretches after the Anunoby trade.

Chris Boucher will keep getting minutes for the Toronto Raptors.

Boucher's role should be very limited and specific, but he's shown to be able to effectively execute his marching orders when they conform to his strengths. It'll be hard to see a situation where he isn't in the rotation, even when Jakob Poeltl returns from his injury in the next few weeks.

Boucher is getting a bit long in the tooth, and the Raptors' youth movement could lead to him potentially being on his way out at the end of this season. If he wants to stay in Toronto, the next few months of his performance will be absolutely critical.