3 Raptors whose roles aren't safe after the trade deadline

A few Raptors players do not necessarily have guaranteed roles going forward.
Bruce Brown, Toronto Raptors
Bruce Brown, Toronto Raptors / Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
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Bruce Brown

Most Raptors fans are probably shocked to see Bruce Brown on Toronto's roster at all at this point. Heading into the 2023-24 season, he was looking to take on a bigger role with the Indiana Pacers where he signed in the offseason. When he was dealt to the Raps in January, it seemed to take everyone including him by surprise.

Many assumed he would be gone at the deadline to a contender. He did not ask to be in Toronto, and it is not a secret that many players around the league are not super fond of the city (for whatever reason). He even spoke openly about playing for Tom Thibodeau in New York. But when a trade never actually materialized last week, it created an interesting scenario.

Brown's situation is a strange one where his role may not be safe, but not for the same reason as others. Other players may not be playing up to par and could see their role reduced, but for Brown it will likely end up being determined by what his future plans look like.

The Raptors have a team option for Brown that they can choose to exercise or not, but they must decide by June 29 this summer. If the team opts to decline the option, Brown will become a free agent once again. The Raptors will likely consult with Brown and try accommodate his wishes this offseason, and his playing time leading up to the end of the season may be affected by this as well.