3 Reasons the Raptors must keep Darko Rajakovic at the helm of their rebuild

In this article, we will examine three reasons why the Raptors' best approach is to hold firm with their new coach, regardless of his underwhelming debut
Boston Celtics v Toronto Raptors
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Reason Two: Team Culture

It's nearly been three years since the Raptors parted ways with their beloved captain Kyle Lowry, and ever since, the organization has been desperately searching for a new identity.

Though the Raptors remained fairly competitive the following seasons, it felt less as if they were growing something special, and more that they were trying their best to keep the remnants of the 2019 championship run from falling apart.

Concerns about certain players' unhappiness with their roles and the lingering threats of free agency only accentuated this uneasiness, resulting in the Raptors cutting their losses and parting ways with Nick Nurse and Fred Vanvleet in the offseason.

When Darko arrived, it was clear that expectations were different. Though the final goal of a championship remained the same, Rajaković emphasized the value in "winning the day". Some questioned the value of this type of mindset, arguing that championship-level teams don't celebrate the small steps, but for a Raptors team that will likely not make a serious playoff push in the upcoming season, this growth mindset is exactly what they need.