3 Reasons the Raptors must keep Darko Rajakovic at the helm of their rebuild

In this article, we will examine three reasons why the Raptors' best approach is to hold firm with their new coach, regardless of his underwhelming debut
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Reason Three: Consistency

In a league that glorifies the potential of its young and upcoming players, the NBA shows very little patience in allowing first-time coaches to make mistakes and learn from them, while continually giving veteran coaches ample opportunities to make up for their shortcomings.

The odds were against Darko the moment he arrived to the organization. First, he had to construct a brand-new offense for a team that just lost its former all-star guard Fred Vanvleet, then he had to adjust to the monumental changes that were the OG Anunoby and Pascal Siakam trades, and finally he had to create a cohesive unit all while his core trio of Barnes, Barrett, and Quickley all missed significant time. In what was possibly the most hectic season in the history of Raptors basketball, Darko and his assistants managed to show flashes of greatness which they can build off in the following season.

Unlike players, who depart from teams for a variety of reasons, the dismissal of a head coach is admission that the team has given up on whatever promise was shown in the initial hiring stages. When looking back on Darko's stated mission for his team, its hard to say that he outright failed in any of his promises.

In order to truly build something special, you need to establish a strong foundation. For the Raptors, this season is simply the the starting in develop a strong basketball culture which, when paired with the proper talent and experience, could result in consistent postseason success in the future.

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