3 Second-round draft gems Raptors fans should watch out for in March Madness

Colorado v USC
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1. Tristan Da Silva

Don't be surprised if Tristan Da Silva finds his way into the first round by the end of the tournament. The senior forward from Colorado has shown flashes of talent that begs the question, why is this guy projected to be a second-rounder?

Standing 6 feet 9 inches and weighing 229 pounds, Da Silva has all the physical tools of a modern NBA wing. On defense, he constantly scans his surroundings, allowing him to see the entire play while assigned to his man. Despite his large frame, Da Silva's ability to move laterally and recover when beaten off the dribble makes him one of the better perimeter defenders in college basketball.

On offense, Da Silva is a swiss-army knife who's comfortable bringing up the ball, spotting up for three (which he shoots at a remarkable 38.1%), and assisting his teammates through entry and backdoor passes. Where Da Silva's skill is most evident is in his footwork. Whether he is spotting up for a moving three or creating his own shot in the mid-range, his ability to maneuver himself around his defender is extremely optimistic for his potential as a professional player.

Da Silva might be more suited as an oversized wing than a forward in today's NBA, due to his lack of physical strength. However, his ability to handle the ball, score on all three levels, and create opportunities for his teammates could very well lead to a long career in the NBA for the German forward.

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