3 Sleeper trade targets for the Toronto Raptors to pursue

Naz Reid, Minnesota Timberwolves
Naz Reid, Minnesota Timberwolves / David Berding/GettyImages
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No. 2: Dorian Finney-Smith, Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets are in a unique situation this summer as they decide on the direction of their franchise. They have veteran players who would be valued by other teams in trades and likely should trade those players for draft capital, especially given the fact that they don't appear to have a player on the roster who can be the No. 1 or even No. 2 offensive options on a contending team.

At the same time, they don't own most of their draft picks moving forward, having traded them for James Harden a few years back. They do have a lot of draft capital, but it's not their own; it largely came from Dallas and Phoenix in the Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant trades, respectively. Selling off their good players and tanking doesn't make as much sense since they won't directly benefit from doing so.

Whatever path they take this summer, it's a strong possibility that Dorian Finney-Smith is available either way. The veteran forward was the perfect role player when he was in Dallas, a multi-position defender who shot well enough to be defended on the perimeter. He has not been as impactful on the Nets, but that may be due more to the team situation than Finney-Smith falling off.

That's a bet worth taking for Toronto if the Raptors are trying to put a winning roster around Scottie Barnes and company right away. The cost to add "DFS" should be the lowest it has ever been, and he can play with Barnes or as the defensive forward complement to Immanuel Quickley when Barnes is off the court. He is the kind of player with a proven track record that is worth buying low on when his shot isn't falling and his price tag goes down.