3 Storylines that will emerge over the remainder of the Toronto Raptors' season

Immanuel Quickley, Toronto Raptors
Immanuel Quickley, Toronto Raptors / Cole Burston/GettyImages
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Storyline No. 2: Is Immanuel Quickley a max player?

The Toronto Raptors may not be competing for the playoffs any longer, but they do need to prepare for business this summer. While Kelly Olynyk agreed to an extension to avoid free agency, another player acquired via trade this season will be hitting free agency and needs a new contract.

The Raptors hardly traded for Immanuel Quickley without a plan to re-sign him, but since Quickley is coming off of his rookie deal and therefore hitting restricted free agency means the Raptors have leverage to negotiate a fair deal instead of overpaying the 6'3" guard to ensure he doesn't sign elsewhere.

What is a fair deal for Quickley? That's part of what will be determined over the next six weeks, especially with Scottie Barnes sidelined for much or all of it, thrusting Quickley into the lead creator role. How does he step up and lead this team? Is he deserving of a maximum contract or something less than that?

If Quickley blows up over the last 20 games, it's not impossible that he could secure that full maximum amount, starting around $35 million in the first year. It's hard to say that Quickley has played up to that level thus far, however, so it would take a true breakout down the stretch. Otherwise, a new contract could start at a lower number, perhaps something like Tyler Herro's deal averaging $30 million per season.