3 teams who could call the Toronto Raptors about possible Bruce Brown trade

How long will Brown be a Raptor?
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The Toronto Raptors' decision to move Pascal Siakam over to the Indiana Pacers in exchange for a package centered around three first-round draft picks and a collection of players highlighted by Bruce Brown. As soon as the trade was finalized, trade rumors surrounding the former NBA champion have swirled.

The versatile Brown did a tremendous job of introducing himself to this fanbase. Despite arriving in Toronto earlier on Thursday morning, Brown put up 15 points and seven rebounds in 25 minutes during a close loss to the Chicago Bulls. Brown achieved this without practicing before the game or knowing any of the plays.

Masai Ujiri's emotional press conference made it seem like Brown is more than just a veteran they acquired to match salary. Ujiri singled him out as a player he identified as a high-end addition to this team, which could be a sign that Toronto will keep him as an integral rotation player.

Ujiri may be intent on keeping Brown, and his play in the Chicago game shows that he could be a very important member of this team once he gets more comfortable. These three teams will likely be banging down Ujiri's door as they try to get Brown, and it remains to be seen if Masai will be open to their overtures.

3 teams who could trade for toronto Raptors guard-forward hybrid Bruce Brown

3. Houston Rockets

The Rockets, per Kelly Iko of The Athletic, had an interest in Brown when he was a free agent in the offseason due to his strong relationship with Ime Udoka. Houston might get another crack at him if they overpay and give Ujiri an offer he can't refuse for the veteran guard.

Houston could end up in the Oklahoma City situation relatively soon. Years of losing and trades and draft pick accumulation have helped them land a young core, but it is impossible for them to develop all of those players at once. Perhaps one of them could be kicked over to Toronto in exchange for Brown?

The Houston Rockets might try to trade for Bruce Brown.

One player who could stand out in Toronto's eye is forward Tari Eason, who faces long odds of securing a starting spot following the signing of Dillon Brooks, the continued improvement of Jabari Smith, and the selection of Cam Whitmore behind him. The James Harden trade has given Houston multiple Brooklyn Nets picks to trade.

Eason doesn't have Brown's perimeter play, which could make it very difficult for Ujiri to part with him. Brown is expensive, but the Raptors might be willing to take on that money if Houston is unable to give them a convincing offer in a trade. Rafael Stone has his work cut out for him.