3 teams with most assets to give Raptors in Pascal Siakam trade talks

Teams will give up an arm and a leg for Pascal Siakam.

Houston Rockets v Toronto Raptors
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The Toronto Raptors are in a position to finally get back on the right track and build an NBA-caliber bench in the next few months. However, the best way to accomplish that could be to trade away former All-NBA forward and franchise icon Pascal Siakam.

While the Raptors will likely try to engage contenders, as it would give Siakam a chance to both compete for a championship and land a contract with a team that has eyes on winning in the next few years, Masai Ujiri's chief concern should be getting as many long-term assets under his control as possible.

The Western Conference might be the best spot for Siakam at this point. Not only will the Raptors avoid the dubious distinction of trading him to a team they could see again in the postseason, but many teams out west have a boatload of young, controllable players and future draft picks.

These 3 teams could end up as perfect trade partners for the Raptors, as they have the perfect blend of desire to get a deal done, assets that count entice Toronto, and a roster that could accommodate Siakam's talents fairly well.

3 teams who have assets to give Toronto Raptors in Pascal Siakam trade.

3. Sacramento Kings

The Kings have been linked to a Siakam trade for quite some time, as they have both a need to improve quickly and a spot for yet another offensive difference-maker that can slot right in and elevate an already excellent offense to truly elite status.

Sacramento has a solid bench, but it seems hard to envision a future in which backups like Davion Mitchell are retained long-term. Furthermore, Harrison Barnes could be a nice veteran addition, and former top pick Keegan Murray is certainly the type of player Ujiri would cover in any potential deal.

Will the Sacramento Kings trade for Pascal Siakam?

Much like the Raptors, the Kings are likely never going to be a marquee free agent destination. Knowing this, Monte McNair will likely be more than willing to part with unprotected first-round picks to secure a player like Siakam. After all, he already moved Tyrese Haliburton to acquire Domantas Sabonis.

The Kings need to be kept on the line for as long as the Siakam saga goes, as they just make too much sense as a trade partner in basically every way. Murray might be the deal-breaker. However, if he is available, Ujiri needs to pounce and secure yet another promising asset.