3 teams with most assets to give Raptors in Pascal Siakam trade talks

Teams will give up an arm and a leg for Pascal Siakam.
Houston Rockets v Toronto Raptors
Houston Rockets v Toronto Raptors / Mark Blinch/GettyImages
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1. Oklahoma City Thunder

Most executives in the league would happily swap their entire team and collection of assets for what Oklahoma City has built. Sam Presti's Thunder have 37 picks in the next seven drafts, a superstar in Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and young stars led by Chet Holmgren and Jalen Williams.

However, just like the Rockets, it'll be almost impossible to simultaneously develop that many high-end first-round picks at once and still allow SGA to perform at an All-NBA level. These picks will eventually need to be cashed in for a star, and Siakam might just be the best guy to chase for OKC right now.

Will the Toronto Raptors send Pascal Siakam to the Thunder?

With how many picks they have, Oklahoma City might be more willing to give up treasured first-rounders than other contenders. What's one draft pick when you have 37 others? Veterans like Lu Dort could also give Toronto enough of a short-term boost to avoid bottoming out completely.

OKC has the potential to build something special with Gilgeous-Alexander at the center of it all and Holmgren proving to be a perfect complementary piece. Siakam fits their desire for length and versatility while still being a tremendous scorer. If they want to go all in in the next few years, adding Siakam could give them a serious boost.