3 teams who could trade for Raptors SG Gary Trent Jr. amid fire sale rumors

Trent is not a guarantee to stick around.
Toronto Raptors v New York Knicks
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1. Los Angeles Lakers

If you have any sort of name recognition, the Lakers will pursue a trade for you, even if your fit is totally counter-intuitive to how the team wants to play basketball (see also: Westbrook, Russell). Trent is different, however, as his shooting is exactly what Los Angeles could use more of right now.

Darvin Ham won't have to run an offense that looks about eight years old with Trent on the roster, as his shooting can help him be a more reliable scoring target than most of the smorgasbord of role players LA always fills out their roster with. He's also a Klutch client, which holds some weight over there.

Could the Los Angeles Lakers trade for Gary Trent Jr?

In much the same way Toronto acquired Trent from the Portland Trail Blazers for Norman Powell, the Raptors could get their hands on a young player with potential in this deal. Perhaps Rui Hachimura could join the Toronto bench? What about former No. 17 overall pick Jalen Hood-Schifino?

The Lakers seem willing to do this trade deadline dance every single year, but Trent seems less like grasping at straws and more like a savvy addition that will help LA in an area of need. Toronto will ask for a lot, but Rob Pelinka will likely be able to meet that price if he wants to contend.