These 3 Toronto Raptors players can't be traded until December 15

Masai Ujiri might need to wait a bit if he wants to deal these players.
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The Toronto Raptors have been one of the teams most frequently mentioned as a team that could make some noise to the trade deadline, given their collection of young assets and inability to decide between making a win-now move or moving pieces away to prepare for the future.

While most Raptors fans might be anticipating a bigger trade that fundamentally changes the calculus for both this season and next, Masai Ujiri might be in the market for some less bombastic moves that make minor tweaks here and there. That's where the December 15 deadline comes into play.

The Raptors have some slight limitations on who can be traded right now, as there are multiple players on the roster who were recently signed to shorter deals in the offseason that can't officially be aggregated in trades until the December 15 date passes.

When the 15th rolls around, Ujiri can feel free to include one of these three players in any possible moves. While many of them are considered unlikely to be moved at this point in time, trading a first-round pick for Jakob Poeltl seemed to be quite unlikely at this point last season as well.

3 Toronto Raptors who could be traded after December 15

3. Jalen McDaniels

After a promising stint in Charlotte that was let down by an inability to become a quality rotation player in Philadelphia, it looked like McDaniels was primed for a bounce-back season with the Raptors. It took less than two weeks for him to get dropped from the rotation.

McDaniels is averaging just 2.1 points per game this season, making a pathetic 28% of his shots from the field and struggling with implementing his much-renowned defense. Signed on a two-year deal in the offseason, McDaniels has neither Precious Achiuwa's defense nor Otto Porter Jr's shooting.

The Toronto Raptors could trade Jalen McDaniels.

McDaniels is yet another switchable forward to throw onto the pile. While having some of those players on your roster is not a bad move inherently, it's fair to see how having too many of them makes it impossible to construct a proper bench (especially when McDaniels is struggling to shoot).

McDaniels might be able to fetch something on the open market, as teams will likely try to give him one more chance to fix himself on the offensive end. With no draft picks at their disposal this season, Toronto might pick up the phone if a second-rounder gets tossed around.