3 Toronto Raptors who won't be on the team after the Trade Deadline

The Raptors' roster could look much different very soon.
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2. Otto Porter Jr.

Porter is once again on the outside looking in, as his health problems and declining play have limited him to just a handful of games. His two-year contract given out in the 2022 offseason appears to look like a complete wash at this point, and Ujiri seems to have realized.

Gradey Dick has had an immensely underwhelming rookie season, yet he is in a dead heat with Porter in terms of games played (23) and points scored (82). The Raptors have no avenue for Porter to play meaningful minutes, which could precipitate an exit in a trade or timely release.

Otto Porter Jr. hasn't been healthy for the Toronto Raptors.

Porter's career with the Raptors never got out of first gear, as the injury problems that plagued him during his entire career popped up immediately. Rajakovic even tried to put Porter into the rotation earlier in the season, but the lethal cocktail of his poor play and injury history knee-capped his chances of being an effective player.

It remains unlikely that any team would view Porter as someone who could come in and make a tangible impact on how they operate daily. The likeliest future that Porter will see come to fruition is getting moved as salary filler and then unceremoniously dumped. It's tough to see for a veteran, but injuries have sapped him of his skill.