3 Toronto Raptors who won't be on the team after the Trade Deadline

The Raptors' roster could look much different very soon.
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1. Gary Trent Jr.

And not Bruce Brown! While Brown is owed a good chunk of money next season, the combination of his fit on the Toronto bench and the Raptors' high asking price for someone who might not move the needle on the offensive end might make a pending free agent in Trent a much better acquisition for contenders.

Trent's scoring is down compared to the last two years, but the fact his efficiency is up shows that his decline was the result of a reduced role amid the Barnes breakout. Contenders and wannabe postseason teams in the league will likely be willing to give quite a significant chunk of changer to get Trent.

The Toronto Raptors could part ways with Gary Trent Jr.

The Los Angeles Lakers are never going to turn down a Klutch client becoming available via trade, and the Brooklyn Nets have reportedly expressed interest in him. The Raptors may not get an unprotected first for a soon-to-be free agent, but they could get some picks and a player worth acquiring.

Losing Trent, especially after some rumors that hinted at an extension with Toronto in the offseason, stings. However, with Dick expected to fill his role and as many as four first-round picks in their possession in the upcoming draft, the Raptors have the means to replace him.