Raptors Draft: 3 hidden gems Toronto can turn into the next Fred VanVleet

Arkansas v Kentucky
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Zvonomir Ivisic - Kentucky

Zvonomir Ivisic, or "Big Z" according to Kentucky supporters, is one of the most interesting storylines in this years draft. In his limited playing time, the 20-year old Croatian native has showcased an array of skills that, if fine-tuned, could pose as a legitimate threat to NBA defenses.

Ivisic's skill for his size is up to par with any other center in his class. Standing at 7'2, he possesses pretty much every offensive skill you could want from a modern day big-man. In his debut game against Georgia, Ivisic lit up the gym with four threes in the first half, while adding on a few blocks, assists, and dunks which skyrocketed the momentum Kentucky's way.

The most impressive aspect of Ivisic's game is how mobile he is. Unlike most 7-footers, he is able to burst around the court, making him a considerable threat in both pick-and-roll and pick-and-pop scenarios on offense, while adding an extra layer of rim protection on defense.

As a shooter, Ivisic has all the necessary qualities needed to succeed. In his first year at Kentucky, he shot 37.5 percent from beyond the arc on a questionable sample size of 16 total attempts.

As a playmaker, Ivisic's quick instincts and next-level creativity would fit perfectly on the current Raptors team, who often use their current starter Jakob Poeltl as a high-post playmaker in many of their offensive schemes.

Defensively, there is clear work to be done. In the games he has seen consistent minutes, he has struggled with defending pick-and-rolls, oftentimes just going through the motions instead of reacting to his assignments movements.

Ivisic's game is still very much a work-in-progress, he has shown that he is capable of doing incredible things on the court, but his next step is to figure out how to do it on a night-in night-out basis. His role on a Kentucky team who didn't have the time or patience to let him play through his growing pains meant that he had been sequestered on the bench for a majority of the season.

We oftentimes see players whose skills were perfect for the college environment, but didn't translate well on the big stage. Ivisic is the opposite, a player whose game just doesn't fit in the pace and style of college basketball, but if given the time to develop, could become a special player in the NBA.

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