3 Warriors the Raptors must target in a Pascal Siakam trade after Kings rumors

Siakam won't go to Sacramento. How about Golden State?
Toronto Raptors v Golden State Warriors
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2. SF Andrew Wiggins

Raptors fans have been debating the stats of RJ Barrett. Some believe he is a valuable asset for the rebuild, while some think he was a byproduct of a trade made primarily to acquire Immanuel Quickley. Such debates would not happen with Wiggins, who would be a complete salary filler at this point.

Had this trade happened last year, this would have been a whole different story, as Wiggins was a tremendous wing scorer fresh off playing a key role in a championship run. His decline in efficiency and sudden benching have cratered his value, but he likely needs to be included to make the money work.

Could Andrew Wiggins thrive with the Toronto Raptors?

In the same way Toronto is hoping a change of scenery would do wonders for Barrett, Wiggins might need to head out of Golden State. While he wouldn't be viewed as a possible long-term piece like Barrett due to his age, the Raptors can at least get an extended test run to see just how much he has left in the tank.

If he stinks, Toronto can look into offloading the contract in the offseason. If he gets back to the same player who was both incredibly difficult to guard in Minnesota and ideally situated for his role in Golden State, the sting of losing Siakam could be lessened just a bit.