3 Worst free agent fits for the Toronto Raptors: Stay far away!

The Toronto Raptors have a lot of options in free agency this summer, but they need to stay away from these players who are terrible fits with their core.
Tobias Harris, Philadelphia 76ers
Tobias Harris, Philadelphia 76ers / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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No. 2: D'Angelo Russell

The Los Angeles Lakers traded Russell Westbrook away in 2023 and received back a package that included D'Angelo Russell, a onetime All-Star point guard who has reached some impressive heights and also has some glaring flaws.

To his credit, Russell has grown as a player who can make an impact off-the-ball, increasing his catch-and-shoot game and shooting 41.5 percent from 3-point range on a prodigious 7.2 attempts per game. He remains a gifted passer and can get hot attacking the rim and spraying the ball to open teammates.

The problem is that despite his shooting ability, Russell is a largely inefficient player overall, struggling to finish and falling in love with midrange jumpers. He has learned to play off-ball but is too quick to dominate the ball when given the chance. Add in the fact that he's a truly terrible defensive player and his value is not as shiny as his shooting would suggest.

Pairing Immanuel Quickley and D'Angelo Russell in the backcourt would give the Toronto Raptors a lot of shooting and passing, but ultimately the defensive fit would be disastrous whenever Toronto returns to the postseason.

The Raptors need to be looking for players who can thrive when Quickley and Scottie Barnes have the ball; if the answer to that question is not a clear yes, the Raptors shouldn't be investing starter-level money in a free agent. Russell absolutely fits the bill for a "stay away" free agent.