4 win-now Toronto Raptors trade targets to watch if Masai Ujiri wants to go all-in

Ujiri may end up making yet another win-now move.
Toronto Raptors Media Day
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1. SG Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls

A LaVine trade should only be considered if the Raptors are genuinely convinced they can make a deep postseason run with most of their current loadout. If they're anywhere close to escaping the play-in, however, LaVine needs to at least be considered.

LaVine is by no means playing elite two-way basketball right now, and there is a good chance he may have hit his absolute peak a few years ago, but no one would doubt for a second that he is still a terrific scorer and shooter. Toronto's half-court offense is begging for a player like LaVine.

The Toronto Raptors could thrive with Zach LaVine.

His contract is certainly not what you want to see as an executive, but adding LaVine to a team that will likely include OG Anunoby and assuredly feature Scottie Barnes for the next few years could help Toronto keep trying to win after parting with Pascal Siakam.

The Bulls will likely realize they are incapable of winning with their roster right now, which could start the LaVine trade circus earlier than usual. Toronto needs to win to make a LaVine trade viable, but Ujiri also needs to be working the phones to make this happen.