5 Free agents who should be on Raptors' wish list

A few players Toronto would probably like to bring in this summer.
Toronto Raptors v Indiana Pacers
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Obi Toppin

After the trades, Toronto has a very solid guard rotation. Bruce Brown, Immanuel Quickley, Gary Trent Jr. and RJ Barrett are all starting-caliber players that are presumably going to play big minutes down the stretch of the season for the Raptors. Where the roster is lacking a little more now is at forward.

Ideally, Toronto would like to pick up an additional wing or two this offseason that can be a good fit next to Scottie Barnes. One such option would be Obi Toppin. Traded from the Knicks to the Pacers last summer, Obi took on a starting role to begin the year in Indiana and has been having a career year numbers-wise.

Toppin is a strong floor-spacing wing that affects the game with his top-tier athleticism. Despite having a large frame, Obi is extremely light on his feet and bounces around the floor like he has miniature trampolines attached to his feet. Combine that with his career-high 41% shooting from beyond the arc this season, and it is clear the kind of impact he is having right now.

This summer, Toppin will be a restricted free agent. The Pacers will be able to extend to him a $9.7 million qualifying offer, which he can accept or decline. If he opts out, Obi can pursue deals from around the league, and the Raptors should think hard about making him an offer.