5 major lineup questions Toronto Raptors must address this offseason

The Toronto Raptors have some major questions to answer about their rotation this offseason. How might they seek out those answers?
Kelly Olynyk and Gradey Dick, Toronto Raptors
Kelly Olynyk and Gradey Dick, Toronto Raptors / Mark Blinch/GettyImages
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The Toronto Raptors just had a season to forget, filled with goodbyes, injuries and the worst losses the franchise has ever endured. Losing their first-round pick is the rotten cherry on an oily sundae. Every member of the Raptors' organization, fan base, media -- probably even the world's paleontologists -- are ready to move on to next season.

Looking ahead to the 2024-25 season, the Raptors hope to be both healthier and better. They know that Scottie Barnes will be at the center of what they are building, and they hope there are no speed bumps in signing Immanuel Quickley to a new contract.

From there, the Raptors have a number of questions to answer about the lineup around them. Let's dig into five questions about next season that the Raptors will be looking to answer this offseason and into next year.

No. 5: Is Gradey Dick a long-term starter?

The Toronto Raptors used last year's lottery pick on Kansas gunner Gradey Dick, rightfully prioritizing shooting to build around their spacing-challenged core. That core has since been spread to the four winds, but that doesn't make shooting any less valuable for building around Scottie Barnes.

The rookie wing began the season slowly, both in terms of impact and playing time, but as players began to drop around him he stepped into a larger role and began to find his rhythm. For the season, he averaged 8.5 points per game and hit 36.5 percent of his 3-point attempts per game. Those numbers slid up to 12.5 points and 37.1 percent after the All-Star Break.

The Raptors will need to find long-term starters who can space the court. The question is whether Gradey Dick is a player they should lock into that role, or whether they should continue to be open to finding a player to fit that role. The answer will likely dictate their moves this summer.