5 Stars the Toronto Raptors could deal for this summer: Trade or Fade?

Donovan Mitchell, Cleveland Cavaliers and Kevin Durant, Phoenix Suns
Donovan Mitchell, Cleveland Cavaliers and Kevin Durant, Phoenix Suns / Chris Coduto/GettyImages
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No. 3: Trae Young

One of the ways that smart teams assemble the best rosters is by identifying when a player's value is at a low point and acquiring them, adding a higher talent or production level at a lower cost. After a tumultuous couple of seasons with the Atlanta Hawks, it seems that Trae Young might just fit that bill.

The Hawks made the ill-fated decision to trade for Dejounte Murray two seasons ago, forcing two point guards onto the roster and hoping they could figure out sharing the ball. It didn't work well, and Young in particular struggled to excel in a situation unlike any he had thrived in before.

The best version of Trae Young is a lethal one, a player confident shooting the basketball well beyond the 3-point arc and able to make use of the space that provides to get into the paint and spray the ball to shooters. He remains one of the best passers in the NBA.

Trading for Trae Young, however, would mean giving up on Immanuel Quickley as the next on-ball star for the Raptors. If they try to pair the two on the roster they are likely heading for a similar problem that Young and Murray faced. Additionally, Toronto is going to want to build an elite defense as they build their next great team, and Young is one of the single-most destructive defenders in the league. This is an easy fade.

Verdict: Fade