5 Toronto Raptors who definitely won't be back next season

Garrett Temple, Mouhamadou Gueye, Toronto Raptors
Garrett Temple, Mouhamadou Gueye, Toronto Raptors / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages
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No. 4: Jordan Nwora

The centerpiece of the Pascal Siakam return was the draft picks, and Bruce Brown headlined the matching salary that came back to Toronto. From there, the rest of the salary necessary amounted to Kira Lewis Jr. (since moved on to the Utah Jazz) and Jordan Nwora.

A 6'8" stretch forward, Nwora is comfortable getting up shots off of movement and against all manner of defenses. He isn't particularly accurate (33.1 percent this season), but the threat of his shooting alone is valuable, and he contributes enough as a defender and rebounder that he seems like a positive contribution to a rotation.

Even so, Nwora hasn't factored much into the Raptors' plans except when a myriad of injuries pressed him into service. He is averaging just 15.8 minutes per game since landing in Toronto and only cracked 20 minutes nine times.

With Gradey Dick a recent lottery pick and able to fill the movement shooting role, it seems very possible the Raptors will not prioritize bringing Nwora back and instead spend elsewhere. If this regime had drafted him it's likely they would keep him around, but as a throw-in to a trade they are not invested and as such will likely let him walk this summer. Another team would be smart to scoop him up.