5 Toronto Raptors who definitely won't be back next season

Garrett Temple, Mouhamadou Gueye, Toronto Raptors
Garrett Temple, Mouhamadou Gueye, Toronto Raptors / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages
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No. 1: Bruce Brown

The final entrant on this list is the player who could likely help the Toronto Raptors the most next season, at least if their goal is to win games. Bruce Brown is a unique player who brings defense and playmaking without elite size, shooting or scoring. He's an ideal role player when placed on the right team.

The Denver Nuggets were the right team last season, when he was a crucial part of their championship run, but the Raptors have not been this season. Since they acquired him as a part of the Pascal Siakam deal Brown has struggled to make a positive impact, with the Raptors largely losing his minutes and generally by more than when he sits.

Toronto has been a whopping 12 points per 100 possessions worse than average when Brown plays. On a team with multiple other players who excel with the ball in their hands but are not great shooters, like Scottie Barnes and RJ Barrett, Brown's ability to impact the game is significantly curtailed.

Brown has a large salary next season at $23 million, but another team may be motivated to add him to shore up a spot in their rotation and improve their chances are making a Finals run. If so, the Raptors could trade him and get back younger players or prospects.

If a trade market doesn't seem likely, however, the Raptors can simply decline Brown's team option and send him to unrestricted free agency. Then he would sign with a contending team, perhaps even back in Denver. Yet the odds of him returning to the Raptors are incredibly small. Brown is as good as gone next season.

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