7 Jakob Poeltl trades the Raptors must explore to maximize their rebuild

The Toronto Raptors should fully embrace their rebuild why they can, trading Jakob Poeltl in one of these seven deals to add prospects and draft picks.
Jakob Poeltl, Toronto Raptors
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No. 3: Jakob Poeltl traded to the Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors showed their cards down the stretch late last season. Despite having Jonathan Kuminga in the midst of a breakout season and an organizational need to see him develop into a star, they moved him back to the bench in order to start a traditional center with Draymond Green in the frontcourt. At this point in his career Green is not an every-minute center, and the Warriors want to have that defensive foundation of a paint-protecting big plus Green.

They could try to reply on second-round pick Trayce Jackson-Davis to be that player, but while he is a versatile center he isn't that elite rim-protecting presence in the paint, and at just 6'9" he isn't providing the Warriors a ton of size overall. Jakob Poeltl would obviously check both of those boxes, and his lack of a jumpshot isn't any different than Jackson-Davis or Kevon Looney, two players who have started most of the last few seasons at center for Golden State.

A trade offer from the Warriors would be different than most others because they lack a first-round pick in this year's draft and will want to keep the powder dry to add a second perimeter creator to pair with Stephen Curry. This deal would allow them to add a rim protector in Poeltl but also keep their picks to potentially turn Chris Paul's salary into a scoring threat.

Raps Warriors Poeltl Wiggins Moody TJD

The Toronto Raptors would be going the "players over picks" route once again, but the collection of players they are getting back is intriguing. Andrew Wiggins is the primary matching salary, and while he is coming off of a down season he is only two seasons removed from being an All-Star and the second-best player for an NBA Champion. A Canada native, Wiggins could reasonably rehabillitate his value and step into the starting lineup next to Scottie Barnes.

The Raptors would also get a valid replacement for Poeltl in Trayce Jackson-Davis, someone who can start while they draft and develop another big and see which ends up winning the long-term job. He is a solid defender and solid finisher who would help the Raptors rebound. Moses Moody may seem like a throw-in to the deal given how little the Warriors have used him over the past few seasons, but his combination of team defense, fearless shooting and underrated playmaking and cutting make him an excellent buy-low flier who could develop into another core piece.

There is a lot to like about this deal.

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