7 Names the Toronto WNBA expansion team should consider

The city of Toronto is getting a WNBA team in 2026. What team names should they consider for this expansion franchise?
Sunset at Riverdale Park in Toronto
Sunset at Riverdale Park in Toronto / Anadolu/GettyImages
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Category 2: Dinosaur Names

No. 4: Toronto Pack

Many WNBA teams have tried to create synergy with their city's NBA team. The Washington Mystics accompany the Wizards; the Golden State Valkyrie will join the Warriors. The new team in Toronto could try to do the same by landing on a dinosaur-themed team name.

One name that fits the motif without being quite so on the nose as the name of a dinosaur is the Toronto Pack. It speaks to the teamwork required of a basketball team while suggesting not just a single dinosaur but a group of deadly hunters all working in tandem. There are a few college teams that go by "Wolfpack" but "Pack" by itself would have some space to establish itself.

No. 5: Toronto Talons

To set aside the suggestion of deadly and jump right to the murder weapon, the team could go with the lethal part of a Raptor: the Talons. The Raptors allude to this in their logo with the slashes across the basketball. Anyone who watched Jurassic Park was likely most terrified by those long, wicked, curving talons the raptors displayed.

Using a specific part of an animal for the team name is not common, but it's out there. The WNBA team in Dallas are the "Wings" and in San Antonio, the "Spurs" is speaking to an artificial talon that cowboys attached to their boots. The iconography would be fearsome.

Honorable Mentions: Toronto T-Rex, Toronto Pterosaurs (say that one out loud)

Winner: Toronto Pack