7 Names the Toronto WNBA expansion team should consider

The city of Toronto is getting a WNBA team in 2026. What team names should they consider for this expansion franchise?
Sunset at Riverdale Park in Toronto
Sunset at Riverdale Park in Toronto / Anadolu/GettyImages
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Final Verdict: Which team name wins?

Our finalists are therefore the Toronto Underground, evoking the freedom Canada represented at the end of the Underground Railroad; the Toronto Pack, a team-oriented nod to a pack of Raptors ready to hunt down its prey; and the Toronto Twisters, a Hollywood tie-in of a fearsome weather phenomena.

While the alliteration of "Toronto Twisters" is delightful and the significance of the "Toronto Underground" would be an amazing tribute in a team name, the best name of the group is clearly the Toronto Pack.

The New WNBA franchise will be called the Toronto Pack

This name allows the WNBA franchise to continue the dinosaur theming of the NBA team without being hokey or over the top. Something like "Toronto Triceratops" is painfully over the top, and the "Toronto Pterosaurs" is using a word many fans wouldn't even know.

The Pack is an approachable name and exudes team chemistry, and the versatility with the logo and artwork provides plenty of space for some unique and creative decisions. The name is already short enough to be fired off the tongue, and variations like "North Pack" or "We the Pack" would be fun.

The team can also start work on an alternate court and jersey based around the Aurora Borealis concept. It would be a strong counterpoint to the simplicity of the "Pack" name.

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