7 Stars the Toronto Raptors missed drafting by a single pick

In three decades of drafting players, the Toronto Raptors have had their share of near-misses. What seven stars did they miss drafting by a single pick?
Allen Iverson, Philadelphia 76ers
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2006 - Drafted Andrea Bargnani first, LaMarcus Aldridge went second

The Toronto Raptors were mired in the lottery after the departure of Vince Carter, posting losing records in four consecutive seasons. The fourth and final such season, a 27-55 performance that included Kobe Bryant eviscerating them to the tune of 81 points, saw Lady Lottery Luck shine on them and propel them up to the first overall pick.

Unfortunately for Toronto, the 2006 Draft was not one with an obvious No. 1 superstar pick. It wasn't 2003 with LeBron James or even 2005 with Dwight Howard. The question of who would go first overall was an open one leading into the draft, and in defense of the Raptors, most of the options would prove to be unworthy of the spot -- only two players chosen in the first 20 picks even made an All-Star Game.

There was one player on the board who was the obvious pick looking back, and that was Texas forward LaMarcus Aldridge. He would play 16 seasons in the NBA, making five All-NBA teams and seven All-Star teams. His 20,558 career points ranks 51st all-time.

Instead, the Raptors selected Italian big man Andrea Bargnani, a seven-footer who projected as a high-level scorer and shooter. What he ended up being was an inefficient empty-calories scorer who did essentially nothing else on either end of the court. Any list of the worst No. 1 overall picks of the last 25 years likely starts with Anthony Bennett (a Toronto native) and then picks Bargnani next.

Whiffing on that pick ensured the continued mediocrity of the franchise and the ultimate departure of Chris Bosh. The combination of Aldridge and Bosh could have devestated opponents for a long time.