Best free-agent fits for the Toronto Raptors after the NBA Draft

With the 2024 NBA Draft in the rearview mirror, the Toronto Raptors can turn their focus to free agency. Which players would be great fits for their new roster?
Anthony Davis, Los Angeles Lakers and  Jalen Smith, Indiana Pacers
Anthony Davis, Los Angeles Lakers and Jalen Smith, Indiana Pacers / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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The Toronto Raptors entered the 2024 NBA Draft with a number of needs up-and-down the roster. After a 25-57 season the Raptors had plenty of holes on the roster, and to their credit they didn't waste any time attacking those holes.

Specifically, the Raptors took a number of swings at improving the backcourt, filling in needs at backup point guard and on the wing, including a number of excellent defenders: defensive point guards Davion Mitchell and Jamal Shead, and 3-and-D wing Ja'Kobe Walter. They added a shooter in forward Sasha Vezenkov and a reserve energy big in Jonathan Mogbo. There is still work to do.

Free Agency begins on Sunday evening, as deals can be announced as early as 6:00 PM ET. What players available on the open market should Toronto be targeting after their work at the draft? After picking up Bruce Brown's $23 million team option they will operate as an over-the-cap team, giving them access to the Non-Taxpayer Mid-Level Exception, which starts at $12.9 million, and the Bi-Annual Exception which begins at $4.6 million.

Let's look at some options to address needs and fill out a roster that is taking shape before our eyes.

Luke Kennard, Movement Shooter

The one specific role the Raptors did not address among the trio of guards that they added was a movement shooter, someone who will scare defenses into tracking him all around the court and thus opening up space for Scottie Barnes to work inside. Gradey Dick was drafted last year to grow into that role, and Walter has upside to develop into that kind of player, but adding a pure shooter on a short contract could make sense.

Luke Kennard is a strong candidate to hit free agency if the Memphis Grizzlies decline his team option, and at 28 he still has a lot left in the tank. The former Duke guard is a career 43.9 percent shooter from 3-point range, and playing alongside Davion Mitchell or Jamal Shead would give him the defensive insulation he needs to be on the court. He could likely be had for a portion of the mid-level exception.

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