Best free-agent fits for the Toronto Raptors after the NBA Draft

With the 2024 NBA Draft in the rearview mirror, the Toronto Raptors can turn their focus to free agency. Which players would be great fits for their new roster?
Anthony Davis, Los Angeles Lakers and  Jalen Smith, Indiana Pacers
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Naji Marshall, Small Forward

The Raptors did a lot of work to build out the backcourt depth on the team in the draft and via trade, but they could use some depth in their forward rotation. RJ Barrett is likely to start at small forward next to Scottie Barnes, but the options behind them are essentially just Sasha Vezenkov or someone playing out of position.

Enter Naji Marshall, a combo forward who excels as a perimeter defender and has improved enough as a shooter not to kill the offense when he is on the court. He would be a difficult fit with Barnes, but as the forward to rotate in opposite of Barnes and occasionally with him he is an intriguing option. He would fit extremely well alongside Vezenkoz.

The New Orleans Pelicans are hard-capped at the first luxury tax apron after making the Dejounte Murray deal and likely cannot afford to bring him back, so a team like the Raptors could swoop in and strike with the full MLE, which starts at about $12.9 million this season.

The benefit to signing a veteran player like Marshall is that he would be attractive to a number of contending teams at the trade deadline or next offseason, so he would be a benefit to the Raptors' roster and a prime candidate to sign now and flip for a first-round pick down the road. That's exactly the kind of free agent signing the rebuilding Raptors should prioritize as they approach this season with patience.

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