Best players available for the Toronto Raptors to draft in the second round

An exciting and surprising first round of the NBA Draft has left a number of intriguing prospects on the board for the Toronto Raptors to draft with pick No. 31
Kyle Filipowski, Duke Blue Devils
Kyle Filipowski, Duke Blue Devils / Patrick Smith/GettyImages
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No. 2: Tyler Kolek, Guard, Marquette (21st)

One of the most polarizing discussions leading into the 2024 NBA Draft was how older prospects would be treated. Whether it was a result of NIL money keeping players in college or merely a fluke, a number of 22 and even 23 year old players were in first-round consideration this year. Dalton Knecht fell to the 17th pick, Baylor Scheierman dropped to 30, and Marquette point guard Tyler Kolek fell out of the first round entirely.

Kolek is not a large or imposing player, but his skillset is incredibly well developed for a college player. He is one of the best passers in the draft, a point guard with incredible feel whose tight handle and ability to manipulate defenses opens up passing lanes to wide-open teammates both at the rim and beyond the arc.

Hardly a one-trick pony, Kolek is fast enough to get to the rim himself and has the touch to loft in floaters or finish layups over length. That combination of speed and passing forces defenses to stay honest, often opening up space for him to pull up and shoot. He is a knockdown shooter off-the-catch and solid pulling up from deep.

The Raptors need a backup point guard and Kolek would be an excellent option to run the offense when Immanuel Quickley sits and potentially to play alongside him; his off-ball shooting is strong enough to consider it. His leadership and intangibles would be welcome in the Toronto locker room. On defense he is small so he will be targeted, but he plays hard and is a positive on that end against opposing guards.