Drake returns to Toronto Raptors locker room after upset win vs. Suns

It had been a while since Drake showed up after a win.
Phoenix Suns v Toronto Raptors
Phoenix Suns v Toronto Raptors / Andrew Lahodynskyj/GettyImages

The Toronto Raptors have the benefit of one of the biggest superfans across modern popular culture, as Drake will pop up at a handful of important games every year. With the chance to see Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, and the Phoenix Suns, he wasn't going to pass up a front-row seat.

Drake and his son Adonis were sitting courtside for this contest, in which Toronto managed to pull out a late victory thanks to some tremendous passing from Dennis Schroder, a fourth-quarter surge from Scottie Barnes, and spectacular defense from the always-dominant OG Anunoby.

This year's Raptors are a lot different when compared to the teams of yesteryear, as both Fred VanVleet and Nick Nurse have moved on to Houston and Philadelphia, respectively. Drake might not be as familiar with this new crew, but he's trying his best to get acclimated with some of the new faces.

Drake popped up in the locker room after Toronto's upset win against the Suns on the second night of a back-to-back, congratulating the Raptors for their effort. As Drake said, it might just be a regular season win, but is still an impressive feat to take down a team like that.

Drake congratulates Toronto Raptors after upset win vs. Suns.

This wasn't Drake's first headline-stealing moment at a Raptors game this year. After popping on the broadcast during a duel against the Boston Celtics, Mr. Graham made fun of Payton Pritchard, calling him a "crypto scammer" before expressing his unfamiliarity with new coach Darko Rajakovic.

Toronto is still leaning on the whole "cultural ambassador" partnership this season, as they once again have decided to use Drake's black and gold color scheme for their City Edition jerseys instead of switching things up. It's a shame they couldn't pull out the win for him.

While Drake has typically brought black cat levels of bad luck to whomever he roots for, the Raptors have typically played well when he's been in the building. This year, the Raptors pulled off an insane upset of Durant and Booker, and they narrowly pulled off a preposterous comeback in the Boston game.

Drake has a prior relationship with Booker, linking up with him multiple times in college and the pros while simultaneously referencing him in his songs. While that assuredly influenced his decision to attend this game, his locker room meetup with the Raptors shows he is trying to get behind this new-look team.