Grade the Trade: Raptors add former All-Star for free in latest Bleacher idea

The Toronto Raptors could use their cap space to buy low on a former All-Star in Bleacher Report's latest trade idea. Should they pull the trigger?
Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, Golden State Warriors
Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, Golden State Warriors / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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Grade the Trade: Should Raptors make this deal?

The Toronto Raptors could take a number of different paths this summer with their cap space. Some of them would involve taking on a "bad" contract and likely receiving draft compensation to do so. This deal wouldn't fall into that category, as it assume Wiggins has about neutral value on his deal.

The downside to this trade is that is uses all of the Raptors' cap space on one player, and one who has been wildly inconsistent the past two seasons. Is there a younger player they could sign instead to grow with this core? Can they make one or more deals to add draft capital instead with their space?

The upside is also present, however. As the salary cap grows year over year, Wiggins' contract becomes less of an issue. There is a very real chance he gets his rhythm back and returns to being a valuable starter, a good defender and scorer who can knock down 3-pointers at a solid clip. That player would be sought out by contenders on the trade market.

That kind of player would also be a good fit next to Scottie Barnes if Toronto wanted to keep the local star around as their long-term starting small forward. The Raptors have signaled that they want to stay competitive, and adding a proven veteran like Wiggins would be one way to pursue that.

Toronto should take things slowly this summer, adding fewer players to keep their flexibility moving forward. Ideally that would include taking on bad salary for draft compensation. Perhaps in this deal if the Warriors got desperate they could squeeze them for a second instead of sending it, but the Warriors probably value Wiggins too highly for that.

This is a fine deal with real upside; it also comes with some team-building finality that the Raptors may want to avoid.

Grade: B+

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