Grade the Trade: 3 B/R moves see Raptors rebuild, make one last gasp for 2024

The Raptors could go in one of many different directions
Toronto Raptors Media Day
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Trade No. 2: The Grizzlies go in on OG Anunoby.

OG Grizzlies B/R

The Grizzlies, who have been linked to OG for a while, might have been slammed down the standings due to Ja Morant's suspension, but their encouraging performance after his return seems to establish that this season is a momentary speed bump the franchise needs to surmount before returning to win-now status.

With Memphis having lost a solid 3-point shooter and pesky defender in Dillon Brooks by effectively tagging him as the source of every unknowable horror in the world after his heel-turn in the postseason, the Grizzlies need to go big on a replacement to remain viable in the Western Conference.

The Toronto Raptors might trade OG Anunoby to the Memphis Grizzlies.

Luke Kennard would be a tremendous addition, as he is one of the best shooters in the league and a player capable of uplifting a bench. Ziaire Williams is much less attractive than he was in the offseason, as he is still shockingly skinny at 6-9 and 185 pounds while failing to become a reliable starter for the third year in a row.

The first-round picks might change Toronto's point of view. Even if the Grizzlies end up becoming a playoff team, getting that many worthwhile selections for an expiring contract is an easy sell for a fanbase ready for a rebuild.

Grade: B+