Grade the Trade: Raptors get unusual package from Mavericks in B/R Pascal Siakam deal

Why would the Raptors accept this package?
Toronto Raptors v Dallas Mavericks
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The Toronto Raptors and Pascal Siakam could put an end to all of this trade discussion if they come to an agreement on some sort of extension, but Masai Ujiri doesn't seem to want that at this point. As such, the trade discussions are destined to march onward.

Even though Siakam has played well alongside RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickley while suitors like the Sacramento Kings appear to have flaked away, the rumors connecting some of the best teams in the league to Toronto continue to dominate the rumor mill. Perhaps a team in the Western Conference could end up making the move.

The Dallas Mavericks remain near the top of the Siakam chase, as pairing Pascal with Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving could give them so much juice on the offensive side that any defensive flaws could be overwhelmed. Is he the missing piece who will help them in a championship run?

Bleacher Report once again tried their hand at a few Siakam trades, including one that will see him pair up with Doncic and Irving in Dallas. The return for Toronto, however, will leave quite a lot to be desired, as they won't effectively replace Siakam or add to a respectable bench.

Grade the Trade: B/R sends Toronto Raptors' Pascal Siakam to Dallas Mavericks

Siakams Mavs B/R

Siakam may be an expiring contract, and the Mavericks might be a bit strapped in terms of rotation players to send over, but this trade won't satisfy Toronto. Expert shooter Tim Hardaway Jr. is not a game-changer, but it seems unrealistic to create a Siakam trade where he doesn't come to Toronto.

Williams has been a major disappointment and is owed some extra money, and Holmes is a complete non-factor. Green hasn't become a solid scorer in what is his fourth season, and Hardy's athletic ability is offset by the fact he is shooting 37% from the field this season.

The draft picks seem nice, but getting one first-round pick for a team that will likely be a championship contender for a player who is still very much in his prime could be seen as quite a paltry return for Siakam. If OG Anunoby got two starters and a pick, why can't Siakam?

Unless Hardy suddenly goes bananas, this haul doesn't have the long-term potential that Toronto is looking for in a Siakam trade. Even on an expiring deal, Toronto should be able to both acquire multiple rotation players and get a first-round pick for a player of his caliber.

Grade: D+