Gradey Dick swats down rumors that claim Raptors changed his shot mechanics

Dick is trying to regain his confidence.
Washington Wizards v Toronto Raptors
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The Toronto Raptors and their fans are likely a bit perturbed that much-hyped young guard Gradey Dick hasn't had the impact on the 2023-24 season they had hoped for. Dick finds himself down in the G League while contemporaries like Keyonte George are in rotations.

The most concerning part of what Dick has done this season is the fact that his much-hyped 3-point shot seems to have evaporated, as he is shooting under 30% from 3-point range. This decline has some, like former Raptors bench player Sam Dekker, wondering if Toronto changed the mechanics of Dick's shot.

It didn't take long for the former Kansas star to dismiss this rumor as nothing more than conjecture. Dick's mechanics are the same, but he believes that he just needs more experience and time to get back on the right track and rejoin the NBA rotation.

"I haven’t changed by shot my entire life," Dick said. "I’ve had the same shot since my mom made it when I was three years old just shooting on a little inflatable basket. So no, I have not changed my shot." Dick remains steadfast in his belief that his struggles are not mechanical.

Gradey Dick says the Toronto Raptors didn't change his shot.

Dick struggled mightily in his first G League, shooting terribly and turning the ball over. After some extra reps, he finally managed to get his legs under him. This is the perfect chance to work out all the flaws in his game while also getting his shot back in order.

Not only did Dick come into the league with some concerns about his defensive ability, but there were some concerns about his skinny frame going up against NBA athletes. This year has made it perfectly clear that he was not as ready to play in the pros as some thought.

The good news is that Dick should have a very clear and easy path to contributing if he can pack on a few pounds and rediscover his shot. The Raptors are begging for a player like him, and Toronto is always willing to give their younger players some rope over more experienced veterans.

Dick is worth working with, as his skillset is exactly what this team is missing. The Raptors likely have more sense than to mess with something that wasn't broken, and getting it back might just be a matter of time for the former top Jayhawks recruit.