Grading the Toronto Raptors' offseason moves after one quarter of 2023 season

The Raptors made some questionable moves this offseason.
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Bringing in Jalen McDaniels

The Raptors gave McDaniels a two-year deal with the expectation that he would take his second chance and run with it. After an encouraging Charlotte tenure was screwed up by a poor stint in Philadelphia, McDaniels has continued to regress to the point where he is essentially unplayable right now.

Rajakovic confirmed that Otto Porter Jr. will remain in the team's rotation at the expense of McDaniels, who was taken out of the rotation after just four games and has only seen spot duty ever since. McDaniels is averaging just 2.1 points per game on 28% from the field and 18% from 3-point range.

Jalen McDaniels has been very disappointing for the Toronto Raptors.

The Raptors gambled on McDaniels' shooting, and it appears though the dealer has cleaned them out after such a considerable investment. While he has had some flashes in his brief cameos following his demotion, none of those flashes have been strong enough to get anyone excited about his performance.

At this point, it is very hard to envision a future in which McDaniels sticks around next season. With him regressing and Toronto not in need of another offensively-challenged forward who can switch on defense, a clean break and fresh start is likely best for both parties.

Grade: D-