Grading the Toronto Raptors' offseason moves after one quarter of 2023 season

The Raptors made some questionable moves this offseason.
Toronto Raptors v Cleveland Cavaliers
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Adding Dennis Schroder

The Raptors gave Schroder a solid two-year contract, and they have been riding the roller coaster of volatility ever since. Schroder can be maddening to watch, but his best games have made him look like the high-energy dynamo this team needed in the worst way last year.

The bad was on display in Toronto's loss to the Miami Heat. At his lowest, Schroder can be a bit of a ball hog who thinks he is Michael Jordan, taking all sorts of unusual shots in inopportune situations. Why is he the go-to option in crunch time? Why is he taking more shots than Scottie Barnes in many games?

Dennis Schroder has largely been solid for the Toronto Raptors.

Schroder has still done more good than bad with the Raptors. He's been one of the few on this team who is consistently willing to take and make 3-pointers, his passing has been excellent, and his trademark pesky defense has once again shown up. Given his salary, he has more than outperformed his salary.

Schroder is an acquired taste that isn't for everyone, but he's always productive enough on both ends to warrant some serious praise. The lows are low, but how many Raptors fans expected this sort of start from the FIBA World Cup MVP and gold medal winner?

Grade: B+