Knicks fans furious as Raptors get Immanuel Quickley, RJ Barrett for OG Anunoby

Did the Raptors get a huge haul?
New York Knicks v Toronto Raptors
New York Knicks v Toronto Raptors / Mark Blinch/GettyImages

The Toronto Raptors were the first team to make a big splash as NBA trade season kicks into high gear, as they officially ended the OG Anunoby era by trading him, Precious Achiuwa, and Malachi Flynn to the New York Knicks for a package headlined by young scorers RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickley.

The return for Anunoby, a player who is on an expiring contract, had to shock many around the league. Overnight, a Raptors offense that was often maligned as one of the worst in the league instantly got some extra teeth on the back of this pairing of quality young perimeter playmakers.

While Knicks fans seem to be generally pleased with the idea of acquiring Anunoby, they also appear to be livid with the notion that both Quickley and Barrett had to bite the dust to acquire him. Toronto seems to have made out well in this trade, as they have sent Knicks Twitter into a state of complete confusion and rage.

Knicks fans were furious after Immanuel Quickley, RJ Barrett traded to Raptors

This trade is a double-edged sword for Knicks fans. Getting Anunoby as the third star is a solid addition, but was it worth giving up draft capital in addition to two of their four top scorers (both of whom are 24 years old or younger)?

Some even went as far as to say that Quickley and Barrett are better players than Anunoby. While OG's defense proves that statement wrong, losing both Barrett and Quickley together may end up hurting the Knicks' offense in the short term.

The shocking inclusion of Quickley seems to be the more egregious loss of the two in the eyes of Knicks fans, as they have been pounding the table for more Quickley minutes over the last few seasons. He was a genuine fan favorite.

Analysts around the league are upset with coach Tom Thibodeau, who they believed threw away a golden opportunity by refusing to play Quickley alongside Jalen Brunson in his time with the Knicks. Perhaps he will thrive alongside Scottie Barnes.

Are the Knicks done? Will they try to stitch whatever assets they have together in an attempt to go for a bigger star like Donovan Mitchell? Such questions are likely to remain unanswered.

Losing OG hurts, but getting two potential long-term pieces for a player who may not have come back after this season is a gigantic victory no matter how you look at it as a Raptors fan.