Latest projections suggest a Raptors free agent is on track to be a star

The Toronto Raptors showed out well in ESPN's latest statistical projections for 2024 free agents, and one player is set to become a star.
Gary Trent Jr., Ochai Agbaji and Immanuel Quickley, Toronto Raptors
Gary Trent Jr., Ochai Agbaji and Immanuel Quickley, Toronto Raptors / Cole Burston/GettyImages
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Immanuel Quickley is listed among the stars

The Toronto Raptors made a significant bet on Immanuel Quickley when they made him the centerpiece of their return for OG Anunoby, eschewing offers packed with draft picks to instead bring on Quickley, a player stuck behind a star in Jalen Brunson but showing signs of stardom in his role. Thus far, that bet looks to have been a smart one.

Pelton's model certainly thinks so. He is projected for 20.9 wins above replacement over the next three seasons, fourth-most among 2024 free agents. That averages out to about seven wins above replacement per season; Pelton's stats for this past year aren't publicly available, but Neil Paine's similar system estimates 6.99 WAR this past year would have ranked 31st in the NBA.

Quickley's ability to take his production in a smaller role in New York and expand it in a much larger role bodes very well for his future growth. He will also have the benefit of playing with Scottie Barnes, another growing star, and not having defenses key in solely on him, improving his efficiency.

This is a list of 2024 free agents, however, so it needs to be recognized that the Raptors will need to get a new deal done with Quickley for him to continue growing into a star in Toronto. Quickley is a restricted free agent, so it would take something significant for a deal not to get done to bring him back.