Pascal Siakam's terrible 3-point shooting is ruining the Raptors' offense

Siakam needs to step up or stop shooting.
Toronto Raptors v Chicago Bulls
Toronto Raptors v Chicago Bulls / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The last 15 games have been a complete whirlwind for both Pascal Siakam individually and the Toronto Raptors as a whole. Despite some impressive wins, the team's 3-point shooting percentage has fallen all the way to 29th in the NBA (only Memphis is worse), and Siakam has played a huge role in that.

The raw box score numbers in the last 15 games look solid for Siakam, as he is averaging 20.7 points, 7.3 rebounds, and 5.2 assists per game on 48% shooting. That field goal percentage number looks insane when you consider how pathetic he has been from 3-point range.

Siakam has made just five 3-pointers in his last 15 games. That is not a mistake. Despite the fact he's taken a semi-regular 3.5 3-balls per game, he's converting them at just a 9% clip. These numbers are so bad it makes you wonder how they can come from an All-NBA player.

Siakam can go one of two ways. He can either abandon his plan to shoot as regularly as he does (further impacting the team's lack of spacing and shooting) or figure out a way to redevelop his magic touch. As it stands right now, all Siakam's shooting is doing is tanking his value and hurting this offense.

Toronto Raptors' Pascal Siakam is shooting horribly from 3-point range.

So much of the Raptors' offense is an unsightly work in progress, but think about how much more different this team would look if they had Siakam making even 25% of his 3-pointers in that span. Perhaps they could have squeezed out an extra win or two against beatable competition.

The weirdest thing about Siakam during this stretch is the fact he has three 30-point games and four double-doubles in his past 15 contests, all while making at least 50% of his shots from the field. His finishing inside is as good as it has ever been, which makes the regression as a shooter even odder.

If the Raptors do finally bite the bullet and end up trading Siakam, his value might be much more limited when compared to what it could have been. Who is going to part with premium assets for a player who has shot better than 36% from 3-point range once in his career and is getting worse?

The Raptors seem content to let Siakam pluck away from deep despite the fact he makes one 3-pointer about every three games. Pascal hitting a few more 3s a game would change the perception of this offensedramatically .